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★ ★ ★ ★ ★ “What the actual fuck”
By Nick
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Alright mate, what the actual fuck. In 24 hours (literally)…brought about late night encounter with someone who pulled back a little a few days before.. went verrry fuckin well, reopened a previous text disaster to reset towards her arrival in town soon (a brit). And scheduled two days later with another who used to take a week or two. This shit is unreal. Thank you fuckin massively. Cheers
★ ★ ★ ★ ★ “She just left my place”
By Ali
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Bro I was skeptical at first but the wine trick… it ACTUALLY WORKED?!! She just left my place. I’m still in a state of shock. She’s literally a 9/10 bro haha. Wish I’d seen your ad sooner. From the bottom of my heart THANK YOU.
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By Michael P,
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I’ve been practicing what I’ve read in your course and yoooh dude the results are WOW. Today I’m going out with the girl of my dreams. Your help and friendship has been invaluable to me.
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By Jose
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Dude WTF you’re a GOAT. I used the pasta formula and shes coming over TONIGHT!!! 😅 Now I gotta buy ingredients and learn how to cook this damn thing lol wish me luck bro!!
★ ★ ★ ★ ★ “I got a netflix and chill date with a girl on friday”
By Shaun
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You the fucking man Rich! I got a netflix and chill date with a girl on friday I’m gonna make you proud! Haha

From Author: Rich James

(Creator of OPTIONS)

Rich James, an infamous dating coach and author, quickly rose to prominence in the world of online dating with his groundbreaking texting course, OPTIONS. With fifteen years of experience, Rich has helped over 265,000 guys turn things around with the girl of their dreams. Featured on major media outlets such as Fox News, The New York Times, The Huffington Post, and Men’s Health, Rich’s unrivaled ability to seduce any girl with words has helped men across the globe to 10x their dating lives overnight. As the creator of the highly successful OPTIONS texting system, Rich’s proven formulas continue to revolutionize the dating scene, empowering men to get more dates and hookups than they can possibly handle.

Hey man, Rich James here.

Imagine the feeling you’ll have next time a “difficult” text from a girl pops up on your screen…

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Your Questions, Answered.

How does payment work? Is my payment secure?

Here’s what happens when you click the yellow button below. First, you’ll be taken to our secure order form where you’ll enter your name, email, and your payment details. On this order form we use military grade encryption – you’ll see the security certificate visible on the order form page. And after clicking the ‘Pay Now’ green button, your credit card info is encrypted as it’s transmitted.

We use Stripe to securely handle your payment. Stripe is an online payment processor backed by PayPal, and is the same payment processor used by companies like Spotify, Uber and Expedia to securely handle online payments. So rest assured, your personal information and credit card details are totally safe, and will never be shared with anyone.

I know that buying something online like this seems like a risk, so I don’t blame you for wanting to do your homework. But trust me when I say that internet security is an extremely high priority for us. And we take it 100% seriously. So Yes, your payment details are totally secure.

How quickly will I get access to the product?

OPTIONS is delivered digitally and instantly through our private members only website. So don’t worry, you won’t get anything sent by post. You’ll get access to 24 Texts instantly within 2 minutes of clicking the big yellow button below (yes I’ve timed it).

Once your order is processed, we automatically generate you a custom username and password, and email it to you along with the link to the private members site. You just click the link in your email, pop in your username and password, like you would for any password protected site, and you’re in….

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How fast will I get results?

Unless she’s out of town, there’s no reason why you won’t be able to meet her this week, and theres a good chance you can see her as soon as tonight or tomorrow.

What if I’m an older guy, will this still work?

Absolutely Yes. This system works for 45+ year old guys as much as it works for 18 year old high school students. In fact nearly 40% of our members are over 40. And some are in there 50s 60s and even 70s. So if you’ve been out of the game for a while, rest assured. These messages and techniques are based on proven psychological concepts which work for just about everyone. So if you want to date hot, younger women, 24 Texts is perfect for you.

Will 24 Texts help me get a girlfriend?

Absolutely. Why? Because I’m a good guy. A man of solid core values. I know that most guys who are interested in becoming more successful with women, deep down just want to find an awesome girlfriend. And maybe date a few women on the way to finding that perfect match.

This means a lot of my teachings you’ll find in 24 Texts are ultimately aimed at helping you get a girlfriend. Yes, you can use this material to date and fuck multiple women, but most of the guys who want 24 Texts have more modest ambitions. They want to land that one girl who’s not writing them back. And this system was designed exactly to do that – to turn a cold girl into your loyal, loving girlfriend.

Will 24 Texts help me escape the friendzone?

No matter how deep you are in the friendzone, this system will get you out, and start making her think about you as a guy she wants to have sex with.

I know how frustrating it is to be in the friendzone. It totally sucks. And I’ve learned through trial and error that you can 100% escape. Inside you’ll find tons of material specifically designed to help you escape, including 3 of my personal case studies to show you exactly what to say and do, step-by-step.

Over 20% of the students who enroll with 24 Texts are stuck in the friendzone. And almost every day I receive in my inbox success stories from guys just like you, who’ve used 24 Texts to turn things around with a girl and make her their girlfriend.

Nothing makes me happier than hearing success stories. So once you’ve used 24 Texts to escape the friendzone and sleep with the girl, please email me, I’d love to hear from you 🙂

Will this course work on girls of all Nationalites?

I get asked this a lot, and to be fair it’s a good question. After all, I am a white guy from the West. But rest assured, the tips and tricks you’ll find in 24 Texts are based on proven psychological concepts which work on anyone regardless of nationality, culture or religious background.

I’ve spent five years travelling the world texting girls in all 7 continents (minus Antartica). From Indians to Russians and Filipinos to Brazilians. So don’t worry, whether the girl you’re texting is Indian, Asian, white, or black, the tips and techniques you’ll find in 24 Texts will work for you. In fact 40% of the people on our course are NOT caucasian. And almost all of them experience amazing results.

If I buy this, is it really guaranteed?

Look, I get your concern. The internet is kinda the wild wild west of shopping. Heck, my most recent online purchase of a bluetooth speaker took me a full 2 hours of scrolling through reviews before I was happy and confident enough to click ‘Buy’. So I completely understand your concerns with purchasing this.

To answer your question… Yes – this really is 100% guaranteed. I wish I could meet you face to face so you could look me in the eye and shake my hand. That way you could feel a lot more confident about making this purchase… But unfortunately we are limited by the fact that it’s virtual and the best I can do here is let you know that you’re covered by this amazing guarantee.

Most companies offer 30 day guarantees. But I insisted on giving you 60 full days to really see how 24 Texts will change your life. Thousands of guys have experienced the program’s power in the real world so I’m very confident in the material and that’s why I can offer such a generous guarantee.

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Here’s how your training will work…

Immediately upon ordering 24 Texts you will be taken to my secure checkout page..

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