The secret to keeping a girl coming back for more isn’t down to texting…

It isn’t down to chemistry.

It isn’t down to game.

And it isn’t down to love.

It’s down to sex.

Sex is why women cheat.

Sex is why women ghost, and sex is why 50% of marriages end in divorce.

So if you can’t take her to heights of orgasmic pleasure she’s NEVER and CAN NEVER experience from any other man…

She’ll justify ghosting you, forgetting you, and running off to find some other guy who can.

I learned this sh*t the hard way:

Mediocre skills in the bedroom = no repeat business.

That’s why I became a MASTER in the bedroom…

A master at making every girl shake, squirm, scream and squirt.

Yes, squirting is real.

Yes, it’s more powerful than a big dick delivered G-spot orgasm,

And yes, every girl is capable of it.

The good news is very few guys know how to do this, and very few girls are capable of squirting
on their own.

Which means once you know how to do this, you instantly become any girl’s “one in a BILLION”.

Because giving a girl her first squirting orgasm is like taking her virginity.

It’s the most intense, mind blowing orgasm she can possibly have.

She will become addicted, obsessed, and devoted to you.

And she will instantly forget all the 8-inch jackhammers from her past.

You don’t need an 8-inch jackhammer to become the best she’s ever had, you just need to watch this video:

It’s literally my secret weapon for making multiple girls fall in love with me.

Just one word of warning:

These orgasms are so rare and addictive, you will become a watering hole for desperate, horny,
thirsty girls…

Which means if the girl you use this on tells her friends about you, don’t be surprised to get a few private DM’s 😉

And if you do plan to use these on more than one girl… make sure you lay down some boundaries
around when each girl is allowed to come over.

Because if you don’t make this clear you’ll have girls turning up to your place uninvited, calling
you at 2am, leaving needy voice messages on your phone, and begging you to let them in.

Have fun playa,