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Turn Your IG Into A Supercharged Dating App

Want to meet, date, and f*ck multiple girls on instagram? Get girls sliding into your DM’s with Ed Hudson’s Instagram dating course. You’ll re-ignite a girl’s interest, get multiple girls fighting for your attention, and never be left on “read” again. Unlock IG Ignition to supercharge your dating life now.

“You’re protected by my no-hassle, 60-Day guarantee. If you don’t love this exclusive package, for any reason, just email us and you’ll get back every penny.”
Rich James

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Arthur J

Ig Ignition is a cheat code. Even the most average dude can use this to increase their response rates to dms, dates etc. This is the raw, unfiltered way to captivate girls attention these days. Learn it or be left behind.

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Søren T

Ed shows you how goddamn important having a strong gram is if you wanna get girls in the 21st century. What I like most is it’s a course designed by a regular guy for regular guys.

There are SOO many “gurus” out there talk about getting girls on the gram but these guys are already famous to begin with so what works for them is not going to work for normal guys like you and me. Ed’s course works for the normal guy. I went from a couple hundred followers to thousands, banged a bunch of girls I dmd directly and now always look out for insta handles on tinder profiles cus my dm slides are getting around a 90% response rate. Happy days 🙂

Hey man,

Ed Hudson here.

A supercharged instagram makes girls want to f*ck you before you even send a DM.

So if you want to maximise your results with OPTIONS…

And sleep with multiple (HOT) girls on instagram…

Then this is the course for you.

With IG Ignition you’ll transform your instagram into a supercharged dating app that delivers dates and hookups on autopilot.

Rainy won’t ghost or flake on you…

Hot girls will WANT to date you…

9’s and 10’s will DM you…

And you’ll keep your growing list of options hooked, nurtured, and desperately wanting more.

Nothing is impossible with instagram, and I cannot wait to hand you all the “hacks”, “formulas”, and SUPERPOWERS inside…

  • The “Celebrity Profile Hack” pimps your profile to “dream boyfriend status” and gets you 5K+ followers overnight
  • The “4 Pillars To Paradise Formula” captures every female’s attention, makes girls obsess over you, and constantly stalk your profile and stories for more
  • The 5 “Superpowers” get Summers gagging for a date, and Rainys desperate to rekindle… (whenever you use a superpower you’ll get a flood of DMs)
  • How to smoothly slide into a hot girl’s Instagram (that’s linked to her Tinder) and get replies from 9’s and 10’s… these “Tinder Slide” DMs have a 90% response rate!
  • How to use “IG Location Tags” to source DOZENS of new options in your area and slide in with the perfect DM… (YES! You can literally find a girl in your building and get a date the very same night!)
  • The “Social Rebound Story” makes Rainy jealous you’re having fun without her, regret rejecting you, and instantly message you back
  • The “Unfinished Story Technique” hooks every girl’s attention and leaves them desperately wanting more until they can’t wait any longer and directly message you first
  • The “Jelly Drop Formula” makes Rainy jealous, competitive, and FIRECELY want you back… (use “Jelly Bombs” with CAUTION because they make girls lose their sh*t)
  • The “Summer Catcher” catches Summer for a date IMMEDIATELY after she’s posted a story (you’ll simply “react” to her story with a crafty DM and ride the dopamine highs you give her all the way to a same night date!

You’ll also discover…

The 3 best types of stories to get Rainy messaging back (you’ll see the exact stories that effortlessly turned seven Rainys into Summers), and…

“Instant Date Stories”

When you start using “The Door Opener” or “The Furry Friend” story techniques you’ll be setting up instant dates with girls the very same night you post them…

Because if a girl takes the bait and replies to your story… then you’ll know her panties are wet and she’s ready to be scooped up for a night on the town…

Simply jump on her reply and BOOM… you’ve got yourself an instant date!

With IG Ignition you’ll keep your new and existing options hooked, nurtured, and desperately wanting more.

And because you just locked in your spot in the OPTIONS training program, I’m making IG Ignition available to YOU right now for a single payment of just $97.

With IG Ignition you will become truly unstoppable with women.

Click the big button below to get instant access to IG Ignition now, and I’ll see you on the inside.

Normally $249 ONLY $97

Lifetime access to the entire program

60 day money back guarantee

“You’re protected by my no-hassle, 60-Day guarantee. If you don’t love this exclusive package, for any reason, just email us and you’ll get back every penny.”
Rich James

What IG Ignition Students are saying:

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Jack N

I started this journey with a measly 160 followers and a few interesting photos I’d acquired on my travels. No real theme, no engagement.

Then I did a passion and play photoshoot, used the “celebrity profile hack” and BOOM… it was insane!! Likes from chicks I’d completely forgotten about and a long lost rainy pops up with “you look great jack, how’ve you been?” It was almost too easy!!! This course delivers.

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Hassan M

The weekend I got this my mate helped me shoot some themed shots around the city (using 4 pillars formula) and the results were 🔥

Armed with this ammunition, I developed a plan of attack for Sunday…

The assault went flawlessly, the likes and story replies rained down from the heavens so fast it was overwhelming! I jumped on the story replies like Ed said and the result? 3 dates and one booty call. I’m doing this every weekend now! Shoot, post, dms, dates. This course is 🔥 🔥 🔥

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Konstantin M

I was sceptical when I bought this cus I’m not the best looking guy and have a pretty boring life. Now I know none of that matters. I have multiple girls begging for my attention, double or triple messaging me most days. If you want to become a G this course is for you, or if you want one loyal girl this course is also for you. It’s the strategies like “jelly drops” and “unfinished stories” that get girls hooked and dming you not how rich or good looking you are.

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Zach H

For a measly price you get the recipe to build yourself a harem from scratch so if you are looking to improve your Game Ed’s course is worth its money more than a hundred-fold. The price is way too low for the amount of knowledge that gets dropped here. If you aren’t buying this, you are definitely missing out on a life you would kill for. Don’t be stupid be smart. Buy it now

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Lucasz L

If you’re messaging girls on instagram you want this course. forget about 6s and 7s, this stuff brings in the 8s-10s. Not only that, but Ed will be showing you how to handle more than just one… at the same time. Ed’s stuff is to-the-point, extremely practical, and gets girls hooked on you fast. Nothing compares. Since putting in work with the techniques provided in this course, my success rate with getting girls on dates has tripled. No joke. They simply don’t flake or ghost anymore. If you put in the effort, you will see results within a very short period of time. It really is a no brainer.

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Damian R

WOW. Talk about a life hack. It’s hard to explain how powerful this course is. AND IT WORKS. My god it works. Using Ed’s knowledge you can literally flip the script so that the ladies chase you. I laugh at the effort I used to put in. Sooo much easier now, too easy even. You don’t even need to bother messaging girls when you use stories like ed shows you. Now I am pushing all of my mates to do get the course so they all get equally pumped to join me on random photo shoots around town making thirst traps for all these chickss haha.